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An atmospheric game about a late night walk home. Can you make it home alive? What dangers lie in wait in the early hours of the night?

Late Night Wanderer tries to capture the feeling of paranoia and fear by taking the player through dark and empty streets that are a bitter contrast to the warm and inviting home you are trying to reach. Just a late night walk through the city in the early hours of the morning, what lurks down the dark alleys and lonely roads at night?


Darryl Long - Lead Programmer

Nick Duxbury -  Lead Designer

Tristan Shaw -  Designer

Music - CheukNam Wong

Audio - Brendan Blanch, Natalie Salmon-Plesia, Kiara Martinovic-Kellerman

Freesounds - InspactorJ, Polytest, duckduckpony, luckylittleraven, janbezouska, samulis, dobroide, snapper4298, tigersound, blimp66, SoundsExciting, deleted_user_37, Rudmer_Rotteveel, SpaceJoe, Mickael_Leroi, M-RED, vibe_crc, albertofrog, morganpurkis


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Can see why this is so popular very atmospheric

Thanks for playing!

Отличная атмосфера. Пара моментов заставили пощекотать мой мозг. 

very cool short game. You creayed a very creepy atmosphere here. 


Thanks for playing! :)

This game was pretty good.  It definitely gave me a sense of paranoia.  I hope you plan on doing a sequel in the future.

Thanks for playing! Nick and I are talking about making a sequel to the game :)

this game got me, really enjoyable! I did a vid on it just today!

Glad you enjoyed it! Will check it out :)

Thank you! :

This game creeped me out

Thanks for playing!

Awesome work! Hope you decide to work on a longer and more intense sequel.


Thanks for playing! Nick and I are talking about making a sequel possibly :)

This was a great game and it did give me a bit of paranoia. Well done!!


Thanks for playing!

Very creepy and atmospheric, certainly makes me feel the paranoia of being out late at night.

Thanks for playing!

Hey Darrel and Nick! You made an awesome little game with a brilliant concept. I hope you guys make more stuff like this in the future. You did really well with playing up the paranoia concept and it served well here.

Fantastic work. I may have added my own paranoia into it.
All the best, keep making games guys!

- Jack

thanks for playing!

I HATE WALKING HOME ALONE! | Late Night Wanderer

this game was a joy to play! so many things that relate to real life! i was just dreading walking round corners! this was very well made! nice job! :D


Hey JayPlays! Would you care to make a video of my game The House? Thanks!


Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

olá tem o download do jogo para 32bits? o meu computador é 32bits eu baixei e não consigo jogar ! (Hello you have the 32bit game download? my computer is 32bits I downloaded and I can not play!)

Wow! This was a brilliant horror experience! The atmosphere is great! The fact that the other people were running away made me think that I was the murderer!

Music and sound design is also great and it builds the games mood. Great work!

Thank you for the kind comments and thanks for playing! :)

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This was very disturbing sometimes. Very good!

(German commentary in the video)

I have no idea what you're saying haha, but thanks for playing! :)

Short and a little creepy.

Thanks for playing! :)


Was a short fun game to play.

Thanks for playing! :)

game is nice but nothing hapens 

an is finisht in 3 min way to chort

Really cool atmosphere but it was way too short and could be at least some chasing. 

Thanks for the nice feedback! Would've loved to have added a chase sequence, that's a great idea. Thanks for playing :)

No, I should thank you for making this game :) maybe adding some horror music could be great. Also if the message: "your battery is low, save it up" could pop up at the very beginning it may be helpful for new players. maybe a few more jumpscares: Closing trashbin in the dark alley, shivering bush in the park and so on :) 

Sometimes being a beautiful black woman like myself is HARD, pause. I always have desperate men stalking me! Oh well, I made home to my sexy lesbian husband, and everything is OK. 

Anyway, the game was pretty LIT.  Gave me the chills and creeps! Would have been nice to have someone or something actually chasing me, you know
Deleted post

Thanks for playing our game!


Amazing gameplay! please take a took at our new game too! 


Thanks for the support!

Fluffy Team!

Great Game! Need more games like this! i would give 10/10, Looking for more in the future!

Great video! Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!


Wow, this completely, captured the paranoia of walking around alone, let alone at night. The mind really can play some tricks on you with some proper guiding.

Thanks for making it.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)




Great video! Thanks for playing :)

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There were some really cool little things about this game! The atmosphere was great and I was on edge pretty much the whole time. The ending was a bit anticlimactic though. Otherwise, it was awesome!  Loved it!

Thanks for playing! :)

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the game really scared me. Nice job. Keep up the work

my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:


it really scared me and when the person that was running stopped and was standing in the middle on the street i was like im not going to keep on walking


You have a lot of potential with this game, I think you need to add more scares, perhaps a reason to be afraid rather than just meaningless spooks. 

Other than that, the style reminds of me of the classic indie horror from 2010~ but with updated sounds/graphics. I LOVE old Indie Games, so it's amazing to me! 

Had me super tense the whole time.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)


This game has so much potential!

I give my opinion on what needs to change to make this game even better and would love to know what the rest of you think! 

Great job on the creators though, you should be super proud! :) 

Thanks for the feedback, hoping to improve on sound design in the future :)


The atmosphere of this game is KILLER!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)


The best thing about this, is that it is a relatable experience.  Pretty well made, decent atmosphere.  The sound worked really well, the whole experience of fear from the unknown as you make your way home when no one seems to be around works well.  It could use more close horror, things to really make you feel more paranoid.  Having some kind of risk would add a ton to this as well, some kind of true loss from your phone dying, from straying too far, or taking too long.  All in all it's a good little walk, that has potential to become something great, but isn't quite there yet, nonetheless it was enjoyable.    

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!  :)


This was really cool!  Great game I enjoyed it :D 

Thanks for playing! :)


Really creepy game with a great message, not at all the game I expected it too be at first sight!
Most of us have probably encountered situations like this! And many people do everyday.


Loved the atmosphere of this game! I now have a fear of walking home at night... 



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