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An atmospheric game about a late night walk home. Can you make it home alive? What dangers lie in wait in the early hours of the night?

Late Night Wanderer tries to capture the feeling of paranoia and fear by taking the player through dark and empty streets that are a bitter contrast to the warm and inviting home you are trying to reach. Just a late night walk through the city in the early hours of the morning, what lurks down the dark alleys and lonely roads at night?


Darryl Long - Lead Programmer

Nick Duxbury -  Lead Designer

Tristan Shaw -  Designer

Music - CheukNam Wong

Audio - Brendan Blanch, Natalie Salmon-Plesia, Kiara Martinovic-Kellerman

Freesounds - InspactorJ, Polytest, duckduckpony, luckylittleraven, janbezouska, samulis, dobroide, snapper4298, tigersound, blimp66, SoundsExciting, deleted_user_37, Rudmer_Rotteveel, SpaceJoe, Mickael_Leroi, M-RED, vibe_crc, albertofrog, morganpurkis


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Loved the atmosphere of this game! I now have a fear of walking home at night... 


Very creepy game. the atmosphere is great, and the dying phone is an excellent idea. adding a way to die may be a good idea. even if it's more of an out of the way thing. like a punishment for not going home as fast as possible.


Interesting idea, I liked that it played on the fears and anxieties we've all felt walking home late at night. 


I really enjoyed playing this game it felt like something was going to jump out and murder me lol great job also i made a video on it

I enjoyed the suspense of the game. I played this before with out the command prompts for things like how to bring up your phone and, what not. I'm glad you added them in because it was confusing before. The manholes got me both times! XD

That was really atmospheric

This was a fun little game, I made a video about this game and one other game.  You'res is the first of the two.  I hope you enjoy!

Fun little game, looking forward to the full release if there will be one!


재미있게 플레이 했어요.
Enjoy the Game Play! That's Good!

This game was fun and put me through a journey. With frights and sights galore. Great game and mediocre gameplay!


The game was way too short for me and not very creepy in my opinion. Younger kids might like it.

Loved this game it had all the creeps of walking home in a real city! Great Job!


Nice spooky walk home at night. What could possibly go wrong ???  :)